Why are North Americans once again gravitating toward the country style? It is not surprising, considering the fact that farm living has pervaded our culture for thousands of years. It’s possible that many of us have an innate affinity to the coziness and simplicity of our humble beginnings.

Agriculture developed nearly 12,000 years ago is still practiced worldwide to this day. As a result, there are many different architectural styles for farm buildings – all of which are visually captivating.

The sliding barn door is not only a beautiful addition to the architectural history of farms; it continues to be the most functional and popular door design to this day.

Purpose & Practicality
The sliding barn door was initially designed for the purpose of moving large herds of livestock, in place of the more traditional swinging door style often used for threshing barns.

The sliding barn door designs prove effective for moving livestock in and out of barns quickly and frequently, but also reveal a number of other advantages. Swinging doors tend to put a heavy load on the top hinge and rapidly wear out the hardware, but sliding door hardware circumvents this issue by distributing the load evenly across the barn door track system.

Another advantage to the sliding barn door is that it is extremely resistant to the elements. As you know, the sliding barn doors relieve tension on the hardware via the length of the barn door track system. The sturdy barn door track system also ensures that high winds do not blow open the massive doors during inclement weather, containing the livestock and keeping the contents of the barn safe.

However, exercise caution when closing a sliding barn door! It is easy for livestock to push open the doors if they are left even slightly ajar. For this reason, a sliding barn door would usually be equipped with a lock.

Barn doors for homes require no such mechanism… unless you plan to keep cows and horses in your house.

Why Use Renin Barn Doors in Your Home? Full Functionality Do you have a limited space?
Sometimes traditional swinging doors present a space issue. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to have a door above your basement stairs, but your hallway is too narrow for a door to swing open. Perhaps you have existing furniture and the introduction of a door would ruin the flow of your space; or create the need for you to get rid of one of your favorite pieces of furniture.

You need the privacy, but your space simply does not allow for a swinging door!

A sliding barn door effectively eliminates this problem by exploiting an often under-utilized plane in your home. A contemporary sliding barn door opens parallel to the wall, resulting in a seamless transition from room to room.

Fashionable yet unobtrusive, a sliding barn door will not interfere with existing furnishings, and will not impede floor area, thereby maximizing otherwise limited or narrow quarters.

Superb Style & Selection
As we’ve already mentioned, the number of Google searches for the term “barn doors” has nearly doubled in the past two years. Everyone, from celebrities to your average Joe, is looking for interior sliding barn doors to complete their look.

A sliding barn door represents a versatile world of opportunity for pursuers of style and design excellence. You can go modern with glass barn doors, or keep it classic with traditional wooden barn doors.

Renin offers a vast array of classic and contemporary equipment finishes that complement your distinctive taste and environment. Mat black, bronze or stainless steel barn door hardware kits are available for purchase at fine home improvement centres, with limited styles also available online.

The possibilities are endless, whatever your taste.

Go Modern with Glass Barn Doors
Renin fabricates glass barn doors that combine old-world design with modern sensibilities. The juxtaposition between the traditional and the modern makes glass barn doors a stunning conversation starter.

Boost natural light and create the illusion of a more spacious interior with safety-backed, distortion-free superior grade tempered glass barn door.