Do you like talking on the phone? Do you like helping people?

Our customer service department supports our sales efforts by servicing our customers in a supportive and productive manner. Opportunities in this area include customer service representatives, purchasing, pricing, strategic buyers, and management.


I started working in lumber yards when I was in high school. When provided the opportunity, I chose DW because I wanted a career, not just a job. I started at DW over 6 years ago as a customer service representative in our Greenville office. Within 3 years I was transferred to the corporate office in DeSoto to become a customer service manager. This promotion was a challenge and I had to learn new things, like different computer software and processes. It has been a rewarding career, and I look forward to more years at DW. DW is a solid company with strong core values. They take care of their employees and their families.


I have been with DW for 16 years. DW as a whole has changed and grown tremendously since I started in 2001. I am happy with my career at DW and all I have learned in the millwork industry. I am proud to be part of the DW family.


I have been with DW for over 6 years now. What I like most about the atmosphere here is that our hard work is recognized and appreciated. When I first started I was working at the end of the production line. By the end of my first year I had been moved into a Lead position in Off Line Packaging. DW tries to promote from within whenever possible and they make every effort to put us in position to succeed. DW Distribution is a family owned business that treat its employees like family.


I have worked at DW Distribution for 30 years. Since the beginning, DW has created important benefits for employees, such as medical insurance. DW began a 401K plan for employees many years ago. As I get nearer to retirement age, this is one benefit that I particularly appreciate.


I am very proud to have worked for a family owned company for the past nineteen years – I only wish I could have started earlier. The Potters have treated me and my family very well with fair pay, great benefits, 401K program, paid time off, and most of all gave me the chance to meet great, hardworking people. Over 60 years in business is proof of a great company. The Great American Dream starts here.