Are you a craftsman at heart? Do you enjoy working with your hands?

The DeSoto Door Fabrication Plant is a fast-paced production environment whose major function is the assembly of pre-hung door units. Opportunities in this area include warehouse operations, production operations, post-production packaging operations, and management.


I started as a door palletizer several years ago and now I run the high speed interior production line. Based on my performance, I have been rewarded with new opportunities. DW is a family oriented company, treating employees like family members. I can go to school and receive educational assistance from DW. And then I can use that education to further my career at DW. DW has helped me define my career goals and how I can get there through a special motivational training. This training has helped me visualize and realize what my “Great American Dream” means to me.
Each year I get a performance review that “allows me to look within myself for improvements,” which I find to be meaningful, and I can earn a merit increase to boot. Also, bonus opportunities are available, our team just has to perform.
I have health insurance for my family and I earn paid time off. It is cool because I can actually see the hours accrue over time. We even have fitness reimbursement if we so choose to have a membership. Ya gotta use it though! Each year the company provides a time and place that employees can gather and enjoy time away from work. We’ve been to Six Flags and events at local dude ranches. On a regular basis our branch will have employee appreciation luncheons where our boss feeds us.
I like that I am afforded time, sometimes unscheduled, that I can deal with family matters or personal matters away from work. Lastly, I am treated well by fellow employees and department management.