b'POWERED BY:STRENGTHV-SERIES DOUBLE DOORS: TRILENNIUM MULTI-POINT LOCKING SYSTEMTRILENNIUM STRONG.THERE IS NO COMPARISON.Trilennium delivers 3x the strength, 3x the security and 3x the performance all in one multi-point locking system. Patented I-Beam technology offers unmatched, solid protection, while an innovative lock design fights and corrects deflection at all times.HOW TRILENNIUM WORKS: 1 21.Trilenniums bolts pre-engage when the door is closed, even when the door is unlocked, fighting deflection at all times.2.As lock is activated, Trilenniums patented system of roller strikes and bolts draws the door panel into perfect alignment with the jamb, while each bolt becomes a true deadbolt that cannot be compromised.*See your DW rep for all Multi-Point Locking Systemproduct offerings.'