b'REPLACEABLE DECK SILL (RDS ZAI: Z-SERIES ADJUSTABLE INSWING SILL)CONSTRUCTION SITES ARE MESSYWHOS LEFT TO CLEAN UP THE MESS?Over time, and even with the use of protective covering, aluminum decks on a sill can become dented, scratched, painted, oxidized and stained from exposure to the elements of daily use of the entryway during construction. This results in the need to clean the silloften requiring several visits, and sometimes replacement of the entire door unit.WHEN TIME IS MONEY, SAVE BOTH WITH RDS. ITS EASY AS 1-2-3.RDS makes an accident on the job site an easy fix. Drop a brick. Spill some paint. RDSs sill deck can be removed and replaced with ease, requiring only a few simple steps.DISENGAGE. REMOVE.Remove sill cap with a stiff putty knife; bendSlide the deck out, away from the sill.front edge away from the substrate.REPLACE.Slide the new deck into place and tap into place with mallet.'