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To inspire and help others build and achieve their Great American Dream.


Impress Customers

Inspire Each Other

Improve our Business and Communities



DW Launches eMerge, First Online Door Configurator in the Region

DW relocated our DFW building material branch from DeSoto to Arlington.

Our new, more centralized location in the metroplex has improved our ability to deliver to customers throughout the area.


Our commitment to go where our customers are is central to who we are.


Nathan and the leadership team developed our 5-year strategic plan for 2018-2022. This Vivid Vision provided clear direction for the future of DW. 

Central to our vision is shared success among our customers, team members, vendors and communities. 


There is always more to achieve when you seek to raise up those around you. 


Aaron Elliott Becomes President

DW Acquires Arrowhead Lumber Sales of Oklahoma City


Nathan Potter Becomes CEO—3rd generation 

Recognizing our growth potential on the horizon, we launched DW 24/7. It was the first e-commerce site for our industry in the region. 

Our customers now enjoy the ease of ordering through a secure, online portal that offers fast processing and advanced shipping notices. 


To stay competitive, your technology has to move as fast as customer demand – or faster.  


Nathan Potter Becomes President—3rd generation


We created our i3 mission to better articulate who we are as a company.

Today, we all know our job is to “impress our customers, inspire each other, and improve our business and communities.”


To live up to your potential, you first need to understand who you are.


Byron and Nathan Potter Introduce DW Customers to ITR Economics

An economic storm was on its way. Byron and Nathan Potter visited the Texas A&M College of Industrial Distribution to learn new ways to enhance inventory turnover.

We developed a new inventory stratification system that has helped us better serve our customers.


Complacency is dangerous. Never settle for good enough.


We kicked off Phase 2 in DeSoto by building a covered loading canopy for DeSoto Door Fabrication and millwork.

Today, we are able to keep all millwork in a covered environment and load 12 tractor trailers simultaneously.


If you want to be the best at what you do, your work is never done.


DW Acquires Northeast Texas Wholesale Lumber of Greenville


DW Enters the Engineered Wood Products Business


DW Pilots a Pre-hung Interior Door Program with a 3-Day Lead Time


Byron Potter moved DW to an undeveloped 21-acre tract of land in DeSoto.

We moved our entire millwork business to the DeSoto campus, the next step in realizing Byron’s bold vision of DW as a top regional distribution and millwork company.


Success never comes without first creating a vision.


DW Opens Round Rock Branch


Nathan joins DW after graduating college 


We became the first building products distributor in the U.S. to utilize curtainside trailers.

This dramatically improved the productivity of customers – most of whom did not have loading docks – by eliminating the need for tarps and extended unloading times.


Being the first at something is meaningless unless it really helps people.


Home Depot entered Texas making it difficult for independent dealers to compete.

Our customers needed a competitive advantage, so we bought Sunbelt Moulding in 1987, allowing them to profitably specialize in moulding products.


Success isn’t measured by your own survival, rather by your ability to provide your customers with a competitive edge.


Knowing we needed new partnerships to pave the way for growth, we forged a relationship with Owens Corning 

Together, we developed a new distribution strategy for roofing and insulation that has made Owens Corning one of our most critical vendor partnerships. 


We can be good on our own, but great with the help of others. 

Under Byron Potter’s leadership, DW joined the preeminent wholesaler organization National Association of Wholesaler Distributors (NAW). 

We have learned countless best practices from NAW over the last 40 years and used them to vastly improve customer experience. 


If you want to be a strong leader, never stop looking for ways to improve. 


A drifter set fire to DW’s roofing and siding inventory, leading to the famous 4-alarm fire under the Marsalis bridge in Dallas. Bankruptcy was inevitable. 

However, the outpouring of support from our customers enabled us to rise from the ashes and relocate to the old Ford Automotive plant in East Dallas.   


When you take care of your customers, they’ll take care of you. 


Vernon's son Byron Potter joined the company upon graduating from SMU. 

Byron would bring new, strategic thinking to the job and develop the structure necessary to make his vision a reality. 


Don’t be afraid of new ideas and new leadership. Dare to innovate and grow. 


DW’s co-founder Vernon Potter got to test the new Timberline Shingle. He loved them, but the ridge caps had a lot to be desired by his customers.  

Vernon invented a concept for a new ridge product. That product became TimberTex Hip & Ridge, manufactured by GAF.  


Listen to your customers when they have problems and do something about it.  


Our specialty in Masonite hardboard sidings developed into such a large product category that Mr. Mason, founder of Masonite, invited Vernon Potter to visit their siding plant in Laurel, MS. 

In the decades to follow, we went on to become a top Masonite distributor in the U.S. 


Long term relationships start from working hard for one another. 


Bob Byford and Vernon Potter worked together at the William Cameron when it was purchased by a larger company. They agreed big company policies were negatively impacting customers. 

Byford and Potter decided to start their own business built on passion to help their customers succeed, and co-founded Dallas Wholesale Builders Supply, Inc. 


Always bet on companies that sincerely want to help others succeed. 


Prescribing to the belief that impressing customers with a group of inspired team members who are continuously focused on improving is a winning formula—Nathan can frequently be found on job-sites, visiting customers and vendor plants anywhere around the globe that there might be better options for DW customers.

100% Making DW the Best Place to Work

100% Helping others build and achieve their Great American Dream

95% Likely to be smoking BBQ and water skiing on weekends

Nathan Potter

CEO & Owner

Years of financial experience combined with uncommonly common sense makes Mark the perfect company and employee advocate as he navigates the ever changing financial compliance regulations from taxes to 401Ks to medical benefits.

100% Going to do what’s best for DW and Employees

53% Softball coach hall-of-famer

Mark Sattler


Having grown up in the building products business, I have a unique perspective as my career path has included roles at a lumber dealer, vendor, and distribution. I have a history of assembling great teams and creating winning relationships and results for my customers.

100% Driven for success

100% Disciplined

0% Lazy

Aaron Elliott


I have over 20 years’ experience working in multiple channels of the building materials industry. With this, I am able to understand the needs of customers and the importance of providing solutions to help customers run better businesses. 

100% Golf snob

Todd Raines

VP of Sales

With over 20 years of experience, I am dedicated to helping you run a better business.

100% We will find a way!

0% What’s 0%? I said we would find a way!

David Cusey

VP of Business Development

My DW career includes sales, technology, purchasing, customer service and human resources. I have had the privilege to select, develop and deploy processes, systems and people that have allowed DW to thrive. 

100% Creative

100% Driven

Steve George

VP of Information Technology

Sales, marketing and human resources each have their own sets of issues and problems.  But, the solution is always the same— identify what you want, do ALL you can do and help others do the same.

72% Cheerleader,  18% Kick in the pants

100% Gonna help fix your “pain” whether you want me to or not

100% Gonna tell a story

Matt Ellis

VP of Talent Management & Marketing

A loyalty program that gives you the freedom to decide your rewards! Our loyalty program doubles as a financial savings for you and as a way for us to show you how we appreciate your business – a thank you to you from us! Curious how you can reap the benefits? Give your local DW representative a call! 

We just got back from Italy. On these trips, it’s first-class. We had our own guides, dinners were planned, it was unbelievable. They go above and beyond. You could not have gone to a travel agent and purchased trips like they produce.

- Cliff Stockton

NorthWest Building Supply, Dallas, TX ,

Besides the destinations – Italy, Scotland, Hawaii, Alaska – DW has everything covered. Accommodations, transfers, everything, a first-class deal. And over the years we’ve developed friendships with other dealers who are knowledgeable in the lumber industry. Successful, smart people. Strictly because of these DW events.

- Kyle Morgan

Trico Lumber, Hughes Springs, TX,

DW Distribution’s trip program has enriched my family in so many ways. Building relationships with other similar dealers and their practices has truly helped my business succeed.

- Bruce Walker

Lengefeld Lumber Co, Temple, TX,

I am so honored to have families like yours (at DW Distribution) in our life. Great friends and powerful example of the almost impossible feat of combining clean business and extraordinary friendships. Shining examples for my grandchildren. We love and admire all of you guys.

- Russell & Katherine Jones

Owners of Framing Square, Midland, TX,

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