Door Unit Warranty

Door Unit - Limited Warranty

DW Distribution Inc (“DW”) offers the following Limited Warranty on door units produced by DW after May 18, 2020

Terms and Conditions of the DW Limited Warranty: DW warrants, subject to the terms and conditions below, that all components of its door units including slab, sills, frames, jambs, stop, hinges, brick mould and casing to be free from manufacturing defects in material and workmanship under normal conditions and use for the following periods from the date of delivery by DW to DW’s customer or the date of installation, provided that the installation occurs within 30 days of such delivery. DW will at its option repair or replace any defective door in the same condition as it was originally supplied. Cost incurred by the builder for rehanging, repainting or refinishing the door is not reimbursed by DW. Doors, jambs, trim or weather-stripping packages that have been altered from the original factory specifications will have all warranties voided. For a full description of a Manufacturer’s warranty, review their brochure or website for full explanation and/or exclusions of their warranty. Interior Doors Masonite Hollow Core Doors – 5 Years Masonite Solid Core Doors – 7 Years Masonite Stile and Rail Doors – 1 Year Exterior Doors Masonite Utility Steel Wood Edge Doors – 1 Year Masonite High-Definition Steel Wood Edge Doors – 5 Years Masonite Fiberglass Doors – Limited Lifetime Masonite Stile and Rail Doors – 1 Year Masonite Torrified Stile and Rail Doors – 20 Years SDL Bars – 1 Year Door Glass Masonite Stile and Rail Insulated Glass – 5 Years Masonite Fiberglass and Steel Insulated Glass (Decorative and Mini Blinds) – 20 Years Masonite Fiberglass and Steel Factory Finished PVC Glass – 5 Years (Frame) and 2 Years (Finish) For the warranty to be valid, the following instructions below have to be observed:
  1. All products must be inspected at time of delivery. Any defects must be reported before painting, staining or otherwise altering the product. DW cannot be responsible for damage to glass that is not reported within 24 hours of delivery.
  2. All door and frame components must be finished and maintained in the strictest conformity with industry installation standards and finishing instructions provided with the product. Industry installation standards can be found in a number of places including:
    • STM Standards in Building Codes, 4 Volume 43rd Edition, 2006
    • 2003 International Building Codes – ISBN# 9041S03
    • Association of Window and Door Installers
    • American Window and Door Institute
    • Installing & Hanging Doors (For Pros by Pros) ISBN# 1-56158-635-8
  3. All door units must be fully installed within 30 days of delivery and finished (all six sides) immediately upon installation.
  4. Door has to be handled carefully. They must be stored in a dry place away from heat.
  5. Door should be delivered to building site only after plaster, texture or cement is completely dry, and, if to be stored at building site for longer than one week, the entire door including top and bottom edges must be sealed with adequate resin or pigment base sealer or the equivalent.
  6. Structural strength or utility doors must not be impaired in fitting of the door or by application of the hardware.
  7. To prevent excessive moisture absorption which may results in warpage or delamination, the entire door including all edges must receive at least two coats of paint, varnish or the other properly applied sealer, which is in conformity to minimum commercial standards, immediately after fitting, beveling and cutting for latches, hinges, weather-stripping, thresholds or other hardware.
  8. Before finishing, door surfaces must be clean and dry, with a moisture content no higher than locally prevailing standards. Any marks, bruises, dust, stamps or labels must be removed by sanding before application of sealer or finish.
  9. Warping is considered a manufacturing defect if the warp exceeds 1/4”.
  10. Caution: Tempered glass scratches easily. We recommend a plastic scraper knife, not tools made of metal, such as razor blades, to clean glass.
  11. Powder Post Beetles: Since powder post beetles can exist in any hardwood product, regardless of preventative measures, DW disclaims any and all expressed or implied warranties on hardwood products. The purchase of hardwood product shall be at the total risk of the consumer.
  12. Damage caused by others or any cause outside the control of DW is not covered by this warranty. This includes damage caused by misuse, abuse, accident or mishandling. This includes installations without adequate overhang or an appropriate finish. Inadequate overhang is typically defined as an overhang projecting less than one-half the elevation distance between the bottom of the door and the base of the overhang. Dark finishes should be avoided, especially where a door is exposed to direct sunlight. DW at its sole discretion will determine the adequacy of the overhang or the appropriateness of the finish.
  13. Flush doors with ash face veneers, flush doors with two different face veneers and doors with cutouts that impair the structural integrity of the door are excluded from all warranties.
BROKEN GLASS OR VARIATION OF COLOR IS NOT COVERED UNDER WARRANTY Manufacturer warranties may not cover doors that have been altered during the hanging or installation process. This could include cut-down doors, raked doors, Dutch doors or any other configuration that involves an alteration of the door. Please refer to the original manufacturer warranty and DW’s Limited Warranty to determine the impact of any alterations made to your door. This limited warranty does not cover:
  • Anyone other than the original retail consumer purchaser of the product.
  • Purchasers for resale of door units.
  • Improper delivery by anyone other than DW, improper storage, improper installation, improper or unauthorized repair, improper maintenance, improper protection, improper care, abuse, water, moisture, insects, animals, and any other condition beyond our control.
  • Any defect that was observable before installation.
  • Natural wood characteristics such as, but not limited to, mineral streaks, small knots, grain, texture, color, and tone variations.
  • Differences between samples or photographs and the actual door unit.
  • Natural expansion and contraction during seasonal and temperature changes, air conditioning or heating influences.
  • Warp in plane of door less than 1/4”.
  • Any improper job site condition or any inappropriate or improperly prepared framing, sill, supporting or adjacent area of the door unit.
  • Installation of door units outside the continental United States.
  • Damage caused by failure to comply strictly with industry installation standards and finishing instructions.
  • Damage caused by anyone other than DW repairing or altering the door unit.
  • Accidents, man-made or natural, including but not limited to leaking or broken plumbing, fire, flood, earthquake or other casualty before, during or after installation.
  • Settling of the building.
  • Indentations, scratches or similar surface damage caused by negligence, lack of protection, improper maintenance, normal use, abrasives, insufficient protection, pets or other conditions.
  • Excessive or inadequate humidity in the area or excessive change in ambient temperature.
  • Damage caused by failure to perform yearly inspections and maintenance.
  • Any other condition, circumstance, event or conduct beyond our control.
DW WILL AUTHORIZE NO RETURN OR REPAIR, OR GIVE ANY CREDIT OR REFUND ANY MONEY, AND DW MAKES ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, WHETHER OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE, OR OTHERWISE, EXCEPT AS STATED IN THIS LIMITED WARRANTY. DW WARRANTS ONLY FOR THE PERIODS STATED ABOVE. DW’S ONLY OBLIGATION DURING THIS WARRANTY PERIOD IS, AT DW’S OPTION, EITHER TO REPLACE OR REPAIR THE DEFECTIVE DOOR UNIT OR DEFECTIVE COMPONENT. DW HAS NO OTHER OBLIGATIONS OF ANY KIND TO ANYONE. DW WILL NOT COMPENSATE ANYONE FOR ANY CLAIMS, LOSSES OR DAMAGES OF ANY KIND DURING THE APPLICABLE LIMITED WARRANTY PERIOD EXCEPT AS STATED EXPRESSLY IN THE LIMITED WARRANTY. ALL OF DW’S OBLIGATIONS END WHEN THE APPLICABLE LIMITED WARRANTY PERIOD IS OVER. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHALL DW BE LIABLE FOR ANY COST OF LABOR, INSTALLATION OR FINISHING OF THE REPLACEMENT OR ORIGINAL PRODUCT. IN NO EVENT SHALL DW BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR SPECIAL, INDIRECT, CONSEQUENTIAL OR INCIDENTAL DAMAGES, OR FOR ANY THEORY OF LAW OTHER THAN THE SPECIFIC TERMS OF THIS LIMITED WARRANTY. This limited warranty is valid ONLY in the continental United States. This limited warranty is not transferable and ONLY the original retail consumer is entitled to this limited warranty. No person has the authority to change this limited warranty or to create any obligation or liability in connection with our products. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental, special or consequential damages or the exclusion or limitation of implied warranties, so such exclusions or limitations may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may have other rights that vary from state to state. DW MAKES ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, WHETHER OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE, OR OTHERWISE, EXCEPT AS STATED IN THIS LIMITED WARRANTY. Claims Procedure: If a covered defect exists, written notice of claim must be received by DW or the dealer who sold you the DW door within 30 days from manufacturer date the Warranty period. A DW representative must then inspect the door and DW will then provide you with a determination. All questions of evident product quality are to be addressed prior to installation. Installation implies acceptance. There is no warranty for appearance-related claims or other evident defects once the product is installed. Proof of Purchase: A valid proof of purchase in the form of a sales receipt or other documents which establish proof of purchase must be delivered to us together with a complete description of the problem and/or a photograph that clearly shows the warranty problem. DW makes no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, including without limitation the implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, with respect to the products advertised in this catalog (printed or electronic). The only exception is the DW Door Unit Limited Warranty that is conditionally provided to the original retail consumer purchaser of any such product and any pass-through warranties associated with the specific products. Please see the DW Door Unit Limited Warranty and the product pass-through warranties for details.

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