Consistency. That’s the key ingredient in our service to you. We source mouldings to our exact template match system. Mouldings, columns, doors and components available with next-day delivery for orders as late as 5 P.M.

With forty years of hands-on experience in various operational roles I make it my goal to be a subject matter expert in many roles to help serves those in need daily. I work to help promote a company culture that encourages top performance and high morale.

100% Always Right

100% Patriotic

Bruce Hendrix

DMW Branch Manager

Bringing more than 15 years of leadership and team-building experience with a corporate behemoth, I have a knack for building positive team environments and strengthening professional relationships.

100% Grey hair

0% Going for the distinguished look

Jason Brewer

Customer Service Manager

In 26 years with DW, I have been presented challenges and opportunities. DW has been there to support me on my entire journey. I’ve achieved my Great American Dream: a log home, country living and a one-lane dirt road. That is the best for me. I daily strive to help you achieve your Great American Dream, too.

100% Green acres

0% Hustle and bustle (except when she’s working – then she’s all hustle!)

Karen Zitterich

Customer Service Supervisor

There’s a sign in the office that says “Be Sales Tough. Be characterized by uncompromising determination. Be resilient and results-oriented. Be relentlessly prepared, objective and service-minded. Step up. Work hard. Be valuable.” I have strived to be “sales tough” all my career.

100% Striving to be the best I can be

0% Willing to give up without trying

Barbara Gilliland

Customer Service Representative

I’m kind and a very determined individual. With over 20 years of experience I use my knowledge to go above and beyond for the customer. I’m driven to get the best end result for the customer.

100% Get it done

100% Love being a Grandma – best hugs & kisses ever!

Connie Rios

Customer Service Representative

Over 28 years in the industry, while producing some of the best tater tots you have ever tasted, I got millwork shipped faster than a grease fire can spread. Now I use my powers in building materials to continue to serve you.

110% Boomer sooner

93% Bleeds chips and salsa

Kevin Joyner

Customer Service Representative

With over 30 years in the Industry, my goal is to build excellent customer relationships and to help them succeed.

100% Family

50% Woodworking

Brent Person

Customer Service Representative

I’m most inspired by providing customer service that is second to none.

80% Positivity

20% Laughs

Courtney Roles

Customer Service Representative

With over 20 years of experience in the window & door industry he believes in customer service that is "over the top".

80% Professional Nerd

20% Destination Unknown

Roy Cooper

Customer Service Representative

I have over 25 years experience in the Millwork industry. Whether it has been in the wholesale, retail, purchasing or customer service I have experienced it all. The one thing that remains constant is customer satisfaction on all levels.

100% Committed

100% Involved

John Levandowski

Customer Service Representative

Over twenty five years dedicated to this trade and Im captivated with the evolution within the industry. Though products, as well as companies, come & go, the customers success must remain top priority- no exceptions.

90% OCD

10% OCD-er

Jennifer Feagin

Customer Service Representative

Our Trusted Brands

With almost 30 years in the building materials industry I’ve learned that honesty, dedication and commitment are the driving forces behind a strong partnership with customers. You have to wake up with the mindset that you should prove your worth to your customers every day for every decision, no matter how long they’ve have been a trusted partner.

100% Follower of Christ

100% Leader of others

Phillip McMahon


With over 27 years in the building materials industry, I bring knowledge based on hands-on experience to help with all of your needs. 

100% Customer commitment

100% Customer service

Mike Dame


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