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Faster than a speeding bullet, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, this caped crusader helps you destroy the competition. I combine the latest technology with market experience to help customers like you solve problems and exceed sales expectations.

100% Superman

0% Mild-mannered reporter

Chad Baker

Account Manager Oklahoma City, OK

With nearly two decades of diverse building material sales experience, this "hard worker bee” has a contagious hunger for knowledge and a relentless positive attitude. He constantly strives for the integrity that his customers seek.

100% Building Relationships

100% “Always Terrific”

Craig Bussey

Account Manager North Texas

I’ve taken what I have learned in 25 years of building material sales to help customers like you grow their business. I take on any challenges handed to me with a great attitude, thankful for the opportunity to serve.

100% Helpful

100% Great attitude

Heath Bobo

Account Manager Tulsa, OK

With over 15 years of sales experience in various industries, he is committed to exceeding customer expectations. He genuinely enjoys building relationships and learning about his customer’s needs.

75% Boots

25% Toes in the Sand

Jared Durst

Account Manager Houston Area

My shop is always open. Let’s find a solution and make it a reality.

50% Hunter

50% Fisher

John Dunaway

Account Manager East Texas

“Under promise and over deliver”. With 15 years experience on the dealer side of the construction industry, I have the insight to help our dealers run a more profitable business using distribution.

0% Underpromising

100% Over delivering

John Estes

Account Manager Houston

Born and raised in Lubbock, Texas, I have spent 20 years in my market. I started with windows and doors in my territory, and today I’m proud to be able to supply you with all that DW has to offer.

100% West Texan

Keith Franklin

Account Manager West Texas

Mark brings a lot of years of sales and management experience to DW South Texas. Coming from the oil & gas, trucking and building materials industries means he isn’t afraid of hard work. A graduate of Texas State University, a husband to Morgan and a father to Nolan and Aubrey makes him proud.

10% Lucky

100% Blessed

Mark Self

Account Manager South Texas

I’ve been caring for the customer’s needs and taking opportunities to build lasting partnerships for 40 years. The little things really matter when handling day to day business.

100% Ambitious

100% Detailed

Mike Littlejohn

Account Manager North Texas

I’m someone who strives to get the best out of each account in his market. I’ll challenge you to take your mindset off of being an order taker to become a product knowledge expert and grow your sales. I am very passionate about growing relationships, because, as I know well after a decade in sales, building strong relationships goes a long way.

100% Grateful

0% Personality (or so he says – it’s not true!)

Reagan Lochridge

Account Manager San Antonio

I’ve spent 4+ decades with DW serving you, the best customers in our industry. My experience in sales, operations, purchasing and management provides insights to help you grow your business!

100% Lifelong learner

Robert Harris

Account Manager North Texas

Personally, I live by our founder, Mr. Vernon Potter’s words: “Plan your work and work your plan.” So simple yet so powerful. If one loves their work, you’re always with family and friends.

100% Dedicated

100% Customer advocate

Ward Payne

Account Manager Austin


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