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At Culture Index ™ we help organizations make great hiring decisions and optimize the talent they already have on the team. 

Culture Index ™ is a strategic advisory firm that transforms organizations using applied analytical traits. We optimize your organization using your most precious resource – people. Whether hiring, managing, or motivating top tier talent, Culture Index ™ is the preeminent solution to maximize your goals. We do so by deploying the following four primary functions. 

  1. Traits Assessments: Culture Index™ measures seven work-related traits in candidates and employees.  
  2. Strategic Consultants: Culture Index™ consultants are qualified leaders with experience as former executives. They will work directly with you to translate and mobilize the trait assessments to align with your goals. 
  3. Secure Portal Access: Our secure, proprietary software and unlimited surveys allow clients to seamlessly access, monitor, and manage their data on all employees and candidates.
  4. C-Job and C-Filter: The C-Job and C-Filter proprietary software solutions allow each company to combine multiple data sources to ensure applicants match your company’s needs. The software sorts applicants by ranking them from a 0 to 100% match for your desired position.  

Our Service Includes:

  • Recruiting Strategy
  • Candidate Filtering
  • Organizational Design
  • Talent Optimization
  • Employee Engagement  
  • Employee Retention
  • Executive Team Building   
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Change Management
  • Management Training   

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For a free trial of Culture Index please contact [email protected]. The free trial will allow you to survey team members and receive a free one-hour consultation on the results from a licensed Culture Index Advisor.  

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