DW Distribution Inc Named 2021 Gallup Exceptional Workplace Award Winner

Dallas, TX — March 18, 2021 — DW Distribution Inc, a leading distributor of building materials and millwork products, has received the 2021 Gallup Exceptional Workplace Award (GEWA). This award recognizes the most engaged workplace cultures in the world.

In a year filled with unprecedented challenges ranging from the COVID-19 pandemic and civil unrest to political polarization, Gallup found that DW Distribution has shown exceptional resilience and support for their employee base.

“In 2020, organizational cultures saw historic threats. It took an exceptional amount of resilience for organizations, and their employees, to make it through,” said Jim Harter, Gallup’s chief scientist of workplace management and wellbeing. “The abundance of well-managed and highly inspired teams inside Gallup Exceptional Workplace Award-winning organizations puts them in a particularly strong position to adapt quickly to meet the needs of their customers.” 

The GEWA winners’ ratio of engaged employees to actively disengaged employees is 14 times higher than the international average. Worldwide, only 22% of employees are engaged — that is, committed to their work and connected to their workplace — and just 39% of employees in the U.S. workforce are engaged. Seventy-three percent (73%) of employees at winning GEWA organizations are engaged.

“In 2018, DW Distribution embraced the challenge to pursue a Vivid Vision; a distinct and resolute view of the future of our company, specifically describing the mindset, actions and benefits allowing us to breathe life into our purpose,” said Nathan Potter, CEO and 3rd Generation Owner. “An important part of that vision is to build an inspired workplace for our employees, a place where they are engaged and proud to be part of our purpose.”

“The company’s on-going commitment to fulfilling our Vivid Vision and winning the GEWA, means developing the tools and resources team members need to reach their personal and professional dreams at DW. Receiving this award demonstrates what is possible when we make a commitment and work together to achieve a goal. It is a prestigious honor, and an incredible distinction for all of us at DW,” affirmed Aaron Elliott, President.

Gallup’s meta-analysis on team engagement and performance is the most comprehensive workplace study ever conducted, with data on more than 2 million employees in 276 organizations across 54 industries and 96 countries. Highly engaged organizations significantly outperform their peers in important business outcomes, including customer ratings, profitability, productivity, turnover, safety incidents, shrinkage, absenteeism, quality, wellbeing and organizational citizenship.

For a complete list of GEWA winners and more about the selection process, visit the winners’ page.

About DW Distribution Inc

DW Distribution, headquartered in DeSoto, TX, is a fully owned subsidiary of DWBSI. DW is a 66-year-old, third-generation distributor of building materials, millwork products and pre-hung door units   committed to serving customers in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas and New Mexico. 

About Gallup

Gallup delivers analytics and advice to help leaders and organizations solve their most pressing problems. Combining more than 80 years of experience with its global reach, Gallup knows more about the attitudes and behaviors of employees, customers, students and citizens than any other organization in the world. Gallup delivers the art and science of what’s humanly possible to help leaders and organizations achieve breakthroughs in customer and employee engagement, organizational culture and identity, leadership development, talent-based assessments, entrepreneurship, and wellbeing.

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