DW Distribution Invests in Millwork Expansion

Dallas, Texas, March 11, 2021 – DW Distribution Inc, a leading distributor of building materials and millwork, announced their investment in a new millwork expansion. For two decades, the Company has made a series of strategic investments at their DeSoto Millwork Campus to better serve their customers.

“Forged through customer trust and support, strong vendor partnerships, and robust market demand, we have finally outgrown our 21-acre DeSoto millwork facility. So, we’ve made yet another strategic decision to expand our millwork facilities to an even greater level,” shared Aaron Elliott, President. “This summer we will move our door unit production facility to a new location 3 miles from our current millwork campus.”

The new door unit production facility will be:

  • Nearly double the size of the current facility allowing for significant increase in capacity to keep up with market growth.
  • An opportunity to build a door plant ‘of the future’.
  • The industry benchmark for safety, quality, productivity, and capacity.

Upon completion of the facility, DW will repurpose the newly freed space at the DeSoto campus to further grow their millwork distribution business, creating a competitive advantage for customers and vendors through:

  • Increased space for the current millwork offering.
  • The addition of new millwork products and services to meet market demand and trends.  
  • Creation of a door unit production facility and enlarged millwork distribution business that is unmatched in the Company’s footprint. 

The Company is confident the expansion will serve as a mutual competitive advantage to help DW and its customers, “Be Impressive.” 

About DW Distribution Inc

DW Distribution, headquartered in DeSoto, TX, is a fully owned subsidiary of DWBSI. DW is a 66-year-old, third-generation distributor of building materials, millwork products and pre-hung door units   committed to serving customers in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas and New Mexico. 

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