Do you like the flexibility of not going to the office every day? Do you enjoy talking to people?

Our sales team works directly with our customers to sell our products. They develop an assigned territory represents the entire range of company products and services available to assigned customers, while ensuring the customer’s needs and expectations are met by the company. We have both inside and outside sales positions within this department.


I love what I do. I enjoy engaging with others that have like interests and always enjoy meeting new people. I have made a lot of special relationships through the years, with some great people. I am a competitive person by nature, hence everyday is a new game! I thrive on being a team player and feel we have the BEST team around. I love the comradery amongst my teammates and feel we help each other be our best and win daily.

The work ethic and dynamics between everyone from everyone at DW makes this company successful. I feel the people at DW Distribution truly care about me and I appreciate the years we have shared.


Working at DW has allowed me to live my dream! I discovered that the more I learned and the more effort I put into serving our customers, the more responsibility I was given. That is still true today. Working for DW is a privilege. Over my 38 years with DW I’ve met and visited many distributors across the country. There are none that compare to DW!