b'Element Glass106-328 122-328 44-328 129-328 151-328Features 5/10 privacy rating Element Glass Granite beveled glass ITEM SIZE CODE Granite glass 16-328 22x36 BED Clear beveled glass 122-328 22x64 2LI129-328 8x36 BEF151-328 8x64 2LJ44-328 22x48 BEB45-328 8x48 BEA450-328Iron Springs GlassCOMPONENTS DOOR106-918 122-918 404-918 152-918LFeatures 152-918R 9/10 privacy rating Iron Springs Glass Tempered pear glassITEM SIZE CODE(inside facing) 106-918 22x36 BFA Wrought iron 122-918 22x64 BFG152-918L 7x64 BFH152-918R 7X64 BFI404-918 22x48 BFDNote: Doors shown with glass for visual purposes only68 Table of Contents'