b"THE FUTURE OF SILLS IS HEREIf you're paying for SILL DECK DAMAGEyou're paying too muchThe jobsite is a tough world for a sill. Conditions are never perfect and your sill is going to take a hit. Stop paying for it and start planning for it with the Replaceable Deck Sill (RDS).RDS is the first and only sill system that eliminates thecostly, time-consuming and labor-intensive task ofaddressing sill deck damage. Plus, RDS helps quicklyidentify non-level openings and address imperfect siteconditions in a matter of minutes.Step 1. BendRemove sill cap. Using a putty knife, bend front edge of deck away from substrate.Step 2. RemoveOnce deck is fully disengaged along the length of the sill, simply slide the deck out, away from the sill.Step 3. ReplaceSlide new deck onto substrate. Tap into place with a mallet.ADSFind Replacement Deck Sill (RDS) on Page 62www.dwdistribution.comTable of Contents"