b'D O O R S Y S T E MA H I G H P E R F O R M A N C E S Y S T E MV-Series units offer high performance components in one innovative door system thats built to last and ready for the real world.RDSREPLACEABLE DECK SILL The first and only sill that eliminates the costly task of addressing the sill deck damage. RDS makes an accident on the job site an easy fix.FRAMESAVER DOOR FRAMESFrameSaver never absorbs water, rots, cracks or warps, and is backed by the industrys strongest warranty.PE650 WEATHERSTRIPSuperior weathersealing performance,eliminating air and water infiltration andmaintaining a tight seal, no matter what.SIMPLE SOLUTION CORNER PADSmall in size but big in impact. The Simple Solution Corner Pad seals out air andmoisture, even with wide margins.DUAL BULB DOOR BOTTOMA superior barrier against water, air, and dirt with the protection of two flexible sealing bulbs. The Leading Edge Bulb design provides ADS a continuous seal along the sill cap.www.dwdistribution.comTable of Contents'