b'MAHOGANY ENTRYCRAFTSMAN, MODERN, 3/4 LITE Popular and on trend entry doors 5-1/2 stile width High quality construction & appearanceRAIN IGMatching components for pre-hung entry door systems (Frames, Brick Mould, and T-Astragals)CRAFTSMAN 3/4 LITE ENTRY1 LITE W/ 3 PANEL 6 LITE W/ 2 PANEL 4 LITE W/ 1 PANEL 6 LITE W/ 1 PANELCLEAR BEVEL IG CLEAR BEVEL IG CLEAR BEVEL OR RAIN IG CLEAR BEVEL OR RAIN IGMODERN ENTRY * 5 LITE DOOR WILL BE 6 LITE WHEN 8-0Square Sticking:CraftsmanModern EntryOvolo Sticking:3 LITE 4 LITE 5 LITECLEAR IG CLEAR IG CLEAR IG 3/4 Lite EntryADSFind Mahogany Doors on Page 28www.dwdistribution.comTable of Contents'