b'Barn Door HardwareSoft Close Adapter KitDESCRIPTION CODEEA (2) Soft Close Adapter Kit WMMEA 78-3/4" Barn Door Soft Close Round Rod, Stainless Steel WMZSOFT CLOSE Handles ADAPTER KITDESCRIPTION CODEEA 3mm Traditional Barn Door Handle, Black WMSEA 3mm Traditional Barn Door Handle, Stainless Steel WMTEA Barn Door Handle Rod, Stainless Steel WMUExpansion PartsDESCRIPTION CODEEA 96" Barn Door Track Only, Stainless Steel WMJEA 96" Barn Door Track Only, Black WMIEA Barn Door Track Joiner Kit w/ Bolts, Stainless Steel WM1 HANDLEHANDLE RODTRADITIONALEA Barn Door Track Joiner Kit, Black WMREA Barn Door Track Joiner Kit w/ Bolts, Bronze WM2EA Barn Door Wall Spacer Kit, Black WMPAccessoriesDESCRIPTION CODEEA Barn Door Mortise Floor Mount Guide, Black WMO TRACK JOINER EA 1-3/4" U-Style Door Guide WMY KITEA (1) Roller Door Guide WMXEA Barn Door Non Mortise Wall & Floor Guide, Black & White JS5DOOR COMPONENTSRollers with BoltsDESCRIPTION CODEEA Barn Door Roller Straight, Black WMV MORTISE FLOOR EA Barn Door Roller Bent, Black WMH GUIDEEA Barn Door Roller Round Top, Stainless Steel WMNFlat Rail StopsDESCRIPTION CODEEA (2) Flat Rail Stop Standard, Black JS2EA (2) Flat Rail Stop Standard, Stainless Steel JS1 FLAT RAIL STOPS EA (2) Flat Rail Stop Standard, Bronze JS3 BLACKTable of Contents 77'